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Why Use A Health Insurance Broker

Why use a health insurance broker, you muse? Don’t brokers cost more money, after all they have to make a living too. Why spend more money for something that can be easily done on ones own. Well, there are certain advantages to be had from using the services of a health insurance broker and your insurance premiums don’t go up as a result. You will pay the same price whether you use a health insurance broker or you go directly to any health insurance company.

So, you’re now saying to yourself, what’ the catch? How do these people get paid? The answer is that insurance companies pay these independent brokers a commission the cost of which is covered by inclusion in all health insurance premiums. In other words you’re paying for this broker’s advice anyway so why not take advantage of it!

The Three Sources of Insurance

There are three sources of insurance and two can reasonably be accessed online.

1. Captive agents are those selling for a single company.

2. Telephone agents sell only over the phone and again avail you of the insurance perks of a single company.

3. Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers represent numerous insurance companies offering a variety of options in coverage and cost. They spend the time and effort accomplishing the task of researching and acquiring the necessary information in order to offer you the best combination of price, coverage and service.

OK, enlisting the services of a health insurance broker seems like a good idea. Now the next question arises, how does one find such a broker who is qualified to do the job and how does one know who are the effective ones and the ones that are less so. There are certain criteria that these people must meet in order to be in business. They must be licenses by the State, and unlike an agent who represents an insurance company, health insurance brokers represent you the client only.

Employee Morale? Employers’ Guide

Positive employee morale is not only good for the individual and the individuals who work with the employee but is overall good for the company. It benefits the company in so many ways. This is the reason why companies have started looking deeper and started seeing the employees not just as workers but as partners in the company.

Positive employee morale boosts productivity and we all know that an increased productivity results in more positive ways than ever to the individual and the company. A productive employee finishes high-quality work on time which in turn results to a high-quality product or service delivered to the client on time. The client is in turn happy and becomes a loyal client. Thus, more business for the company.

Going back to the individual, having delivered high-quality work on time gives him / her a sense of fulfillment. Also, since the productive employee finished the work on time, no need for him / her to go on overtime thus more time for personal and family matters. Which in turn provides ample time for rest and relaxation that recharges the employee who gets back to work the next day refreshed and again ready to be productive. It becomes a cycle and the employee gets noticed, rewarded and promoted, adding to the employee’s positive morale.

While the co-workers would observe and wonder what does this employee have that they don’t have and then later realize that it’s the employee’s positive morale. Then the co-workers would strive to be like this productive employee, making him / her a model employee. Which in turn produces more productive employees delivering high-quality products and services to clients, resulting to more happy clients and more business to the company. Just one employee being a good influence to other employees will make a difference to the whole company.

But what happens if this model employee gets burned out and stopped being productive? He / she started delivering poor quality products and services and since they are of poor quality, he / she has to do a rework which leads to overtime and delayed delivery to the client. The client is no longer happy and might look for another provider. Thus, the company is in danger of losing a client.

Going back to the burned-out employee, he / she becomes stressed out for going on overtime regularly and not having enough time for rest and relaxation. Plus, the stress on being pointed out as the reason for losing business with the client.

The other employees who look up to him / her now wonder, what happened?

Therefore, employers should always see to it that each individual has a positive morale, especially the best employees. It starts with hiring employees with positive morale and retaining them while maintaining their positive morale. Investment needed to make this happen is too small compared to the huge return to the company.

Postpartum Weight Loss

Having a baby is a beautiful thing because not only are you birthing a new human, but you have decided to nurture it through pregnancy and times after. So, yay motherhood! New moms sometimes are stuck in the dilemma of shedding off a few extra pounds. Trying to fit back into some very flattering old clothes could pose an issue to some especially with celebrities bouncing back so fast, then you are trying to zip a dress on a Thursday morning and you are wondering ‘am I losing or gaining weight?’. Whether yes or no, there are tips to help you if you have decided to shed off some of your weight.

Firstly, it is important you debunk some myths about postpartum body. Sometimes it’s like everyone seems to know a little something about postpartum body and you are tired of packing on advice that never work for you. It is possible to lose baby weight and yes, body types matter regarding how your bounce back body will look. Breastfeeding may or may not play a role to your weight loss since the more calories you lose breastfeeding, the hungrier you get so it is really how you eat.


I know that after delivery your body cycle changes and you have to keep up with a baby that needs you at odd hours. I am not talking about getting on the treadmill right out of delivery room. I am talking about little exercises like moving around the house, using the stairs, standing for a while during some chores, dancing when your favourite song comes on and eventually, when it has been confirmed safe by your doctor you can move into doing more than that. Remember that ‘good things take time’ so take it a step at a time. Remember to seek professional advice before you take on any exercise routine.


“Eat! Eat! Eat! you have a baby to breastfeed” you hear that a lot from older mothers. And yes, you have to eat because you have to breastfeed, but eating smart is a way to postpartum weight loss. Remember your baby needs nutrients not mass of food. So try to eat whole diets and consume less unhealthy fat and junk food. Since you find that you get hungry often, you could try eating small portions more often.


If you are not already a yogi, now is a good time to try, relaxation plus time to focusing on your body. Choose your poses wisely there are lots of yoga poses for moms, seek your doctor’s consent.


Some moms swear by some weight loss tea for nursing mothers and might have evidenced their benefits. You could ask your nutritionists about your options and you can get around getting the right one for you.

Talk about it

You are not the first mom that has had this issue and you will not be the last. Some moms that have been able to bounce back postpartum may just have a few helpful personal tips for you, and talking to other moms facing the same issue as you might be able to tall you about stuff that has worked and has not. A problem shared might just be a problem half solved huh? Just remember to distinguish myths from fact and check its safety with your doctor.

Love your new body. Becoming a mom is a crown to be worn with pride. You have to love your body and understand that it may not return to how it used to be but it is still beautiful. Oh and one last tip. Pick the right underwear and fashion style. You will be amazed how much visual weight the wrong clothes can add to you.