The Home Building Coach – Exactly What Are You Getting With a Personal Coach?

Some building industry professionals have taken on the job of leading and training the consumer to get what they want in their building and remodeling projects. They have dedicated themselves to improving the owner’s experience and avoiding problems. They have decided to wear the hat of an advisor or consumer advocate.

Question: What is a “Home Building Coach?”

Answer: This is the newest and least known or understood home building professional. An owner builder coach is used as a personal advisor helping people build or remodel their homes.

Usually, a coach is best suited to help homeowner builders who want a direct hand in their own project. But, home building coaches can also help individuals and others who are having a General Contractor build their home for them.

Here are some of the services and advantages of a home building coach:

Coaches help you decide and outline what your project will be
They provide independent expertise to evaluate your project, professionals, and costs
Coaches should provide you with a step by step process if you want to manage your own project as an Owner Builder
They help you save money and get more of what you want in your home.
Coaches will help you decide if and when you should provide your own physical labor

By far, the most common use and benefit is that they empower you to be your own builder (or remodeler) without needing to know everything yourself. They cost far less than a General Contractor while bringing similar knowledge, experience and benefits.

Coaches could, in fact, be builders themselves acting in the capacity of a consultant instead of your builder.